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The overall trend and prospect of China's pesticide industry development


In response to the new rural and new economic strategies proposed by the state, the development of agriculture has received much attention, and the development of industrial chains related to agriculture has also been developed. Let's talk about the overall trend and prospects of the development of China's pesticide industry.

According to the database of the China Business Research Institute, the production of chemical pesticides in the country declined gradually from March to July in 2018. In July 2018, the national chemical pesticide production was 171,000 tons, down 10.9% year-on-year. In August 2018, the national chemical pesticide production reached a small rebound. In August 2018, the national chemical pesticide production was 183,000 tons, down 2.1% year-on-year. From January to August 2018, the national chemical pesticide production was 1.476 million tons, down 12.3% year-on-year.

Talking about the overall trend and prospect of the development of China's pesticide industry

The development trend of China's pesticide industry

1. Accelerating industry integration and promoting the accumulation of pesticide industry in China

China's pesticide production capacity and output are in the forefront of the world, but the industrial concentration is low, the number of enterprises is large, most of the scale is small, overcapacity, OEM sales, at the low end of the value chain. Many enterprises have problems such as safety and environmental protection hazards, backward technical equipment and insufficient investment in environmental protection and safety. In response to the status quo, the state uses industrial policy guidance to vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, increase industrial concentration, and promote the transformation of the pesticide industry toward intensification, scale, specialization, and specialization.

In May 2016, China Pesticide Industry Association officially issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Development of Pesticide Industry”, mentioning that it is necessary to promote the structural adjustment of the pesticide industry and encourage large-scale enterprises through mergers, reorganizations, and shareholding system reforms. In the future, the production of pesticide raw materials will be further concentrated. By 2020, the number of pesticide original drug companies will be reduced by 30%, and the sales of the top 20 pesticide companies in China will reach more than 70% of the national total sales. We will build a specialized pesticide production park concentrated in production enterprises, and cultivate a large-scale enterprise group with sales exceeding 10 billion yuan and international competitiveness.

In the future, intensification and scale are the only way for pesticide companies to become bigger and stronger. With the intensification of competition in the industry and the increasing pressure on environmental protection, China's pesticide industry is entering a new round of integration. Enterprises with leading technology, reasonable mechanism and flexible operation will become the leading force of industry integration. Through industry integration, it will help improve the international competitiveness of enterprises and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

2. Integrated development of original drugs and preparations

On the basis of the original drug, a suitable auxiliary agent (such as a solvent, an emulsifier, a wetting agent, a dispersing agent, etc.) is added, and a preparation product having a certain form, composition and specification is obtained by processing and production, and the preparation is directly applied to agricultural production. . The product quality and usage of the preparations are closely related to environmental safety, food safety and ecological stability.

Through deep processing of products, the preparation enterprises grasp the resources of sales channels, and the profit level is gradually improved. Some of the stronger pharmaceutical companies have begun to enter the formulation field in order to enhance their market competitiveness. Some pharmaceutical companies have also accelerated their extension to the upstream pharmaceutical industry. Actively gain the initiative in industry competition. With the development of vertical integration of the industry, the domestic pesticide industry will show the trend of integrated development of original drugs and preparations.

3. Optimization of production process and improvement of innovation level

Due to the high cost and difficulty of the development of pesticides, domestic pesticide companies are unable to bear the huge cost of new compound creation. In the research and development of products, the sub-new compounds are mainly used for imitation. The main varieties of pesticides in the post-production period are products with independent intellectual property rights. less.

For the production of chemical pesticides, the core technology is compound synthesis technology. Due to the differences in raw materials and synthetic methods, different process routes can be developed and designed for production, which directly affect product quality, cost and environmental pollution, and ultimately affect the product. Market Competitiveness. Excellent original pharmaceutical companies improve the efficiency of the process route through continuous optimization and breakthrough of compound synthesis technology, thus forming a core competitive advantage in this field.

Pesticide preparations are high value-added products. The success of a pesticide variety is inseparable from the innovation of pesticide preparations. The key to technological innovation of preparations lies in the research of new dosage form development and processing technology. The main features are to reduce the use of organic solvents, improve product control efficiency, reduce production costs, achieve environmental safety, and increase crop yield. At present, China's preparation production technology is relatively backward, production is continuous, and the degree of automation is low. On average, only seven or eight preparations can be processed for each original drug, and each pesticide variety in developed countries can be processed into dozens or even dozens of preparations.

4. The production process is green, and the products are developing in the direction of high efficiency, low toxicity, environmental friendliness and water supply.

In the future, in the context of the emergence of high-efficiency new pesticides, advances in application techniques, and stricter environmental requirements, the development of pesticide formulations will tend to be more refined and environmentally friendly. Water emulsions, water-dispersible granules, water suspoemulsions, microemulsions, and solubles. New pesticide formulations such as powders and microcapsules will gradually emerge.

5. The trend of downstream concentrated drug use has an impact on the pesticide business model

The pattern of the original household and the scattered purchase of medicines will be broken, and the main body of pesticide application will be gradually transformed from the individual farmers to the large planters and social service organizations. The existing pesticide distributors in China will also change. The original village-level and some township-level dealers will withdraw from the pesticide distribution market with the changes of social economy, greatly shortening the distribution level between manufacturers and end users, and even manufacturers. It is directly sold with peer-to-peer manufacturers, and the model of mechanized plant protection services is provided by the manufacturer. Drugs, promotion and popularization of high-efficiency, low-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly pesticides have become an inevitable trend in China's agricultural development.

Industry profits are large, growth is faster

Since the second half of 2016, international crude oil prices have stabilized and rebounded, driving the prices of related basic materials and intermediates to rise. In addition, after the international agrochemical giant experienced more than two years of destocking, the replenishment of stocks has driven the recovery of overseas demand, global pesticides. The market sentiment has rebounded, and the sales scale of the global agrochemical market has gradually recovered. Affected by multiple factors such as the previous environmental protection inspectors, enterprises stopped production, increased market demand and the promotion of relevant policies in the pesticide industry, the pesticide industry gradually stepped out of the trough, and the price of pesticide products also showed a rebound.

China's pesticide industry market is fiercely competitive, with a large number of companies and low industry concentration. Affected by various factors such as product structure, process route, management level and business scale, the profit rate of different enterprises is quite different, and it shows a trend of polarization.

Enterprises with product advantages, R&D advantages, scale advantages, service and brand advantages in the industry, with their own research and development strength and advanced technology and equipment, constantly introduce new products, improve process routes, improve product quality and added value, and have perfect sales. Channels, relying on the good brand image established by the technical service and product application demonstration effect, ensure the steady growth of sales revenue and obtain a higher profit level. In the future, with the intensification of market competition, the phenomenon of profit differentiation in the industry will become increasingly obvious, and enterprises lacking advantages will eventually withdraw from the market.

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